• VISION…to be creative
  • PURPOSE….to service others and understand it is our priviledge
  • PASSION…for who we are and  what we do
  • COMMITMENT…to life long learning
  • LOVE…everything we do. Life.


  • Take Responsibility…for our self and our profession.
  • Offer Assistance…to each other and our clients.
  • Attempt Challenges…indulging our creativity while always improving our self.
  • Have Passion and Compassion…live and work with values.
  • Be a friend. Listen. Have fun.
  • Adopt Pride…feel good about our self, our work, and service to others.


A salon owner may not seem a likely career step for a man who once dreamed of being a music educator.

But as Vincent Prinzi sees it, he’s not just in the business of hair. The owner of Stars di Prinzi in Warrington considers himself a coach, which he credits with his 30-plus years of happy longevity making others beautiful.

Earlier this year, the Bucks County native moved his salon farther north on Easton Road into a space complete with a bar and movable styling stations that he can roll aside to open up the main floor for special events.

After years spent running two businesses, he sold his second salon in Holland to concentrate his efforts on the new location in the Victorian Village shopping center, where he oversees a staff of 30. The salon offers facials, massage therapy, waxing, nail care and full makeup application in addition to a range of hair and styling services.

“When people walk in, I want them to say, ‘Wow.’ The way this looks has been a vision of mine for years — the feel, the lights, the high ceilings, the floor layouts — I wanted it to look like no other salon I’ve seen,” said Prinzi, who grew up in Warminster and now lives in Jamison with his wife and two kids.

In June, Stars di Prinzi was named one of the top 10 salons in Pennsylvania by VSN Network, a premier beauty and fashion channel. But Prinzi’s definition of success is not what one might expect.

“We’re not here to make money. It’s about getting through to people and having them walk away with something,” he said. “Every client, no matter if they’re here for the first time or they’ve been coming for 30 years, has to feel like it’s the first time they’re here.”

That’s where the coaching comes in. Prinzi lives and works by five principles: vision, passion, purpose, commitment and love. He also endeavors to instill them in his employees through daily interactions and staff meetings where motivational exercises, inspirational stories and team building are shared, in addition to typical salon talk. He’s even authored two soon-to-be-published books promoting those principles as a road map for success in the industry and in life.

“We’re all human and we get busy being busy. I enjoy the role of trying to get everybody back to their sensitivity,” said Prinzi.

His positive attitude and inspirational approach have been a large part of what’s kept Sellersville’s Sharon Walker working with him for 30 years.

“Over the years, I’ve often thought I could have found a salon closer to my area, but I wouldn’t leave him. He’s a great employer,” said Walker.

She said she once awakened in ICU after a car accident to find Prinzi at the foot of her bed and also found him in the waiting room following a doctor’s appointment she’d had to attend alone following a health scare.

“He puts people first. There’s no pretense here. The essence of the place is a lot of heart,” Walker added.

For Prinzi, keeping staff morale high translates into high customer satisfaction.

Karin Meyer’s first visit to the salon was 11 years ago. She’d just moved to Doylestown Township and had tried several salons when a friend recommended Stars. She loves how her hair looks following every appointment, but it’s not the only reason she keeps coming back.

“I’ve definitely found something there that I’ve never found in another salon. Everyone makes you feel like they care about you,” she said. “I feel like family when I come in there and when I leave.”

If life seems to have taken Prinzi far from his early aspirations, in some ways, he’s actually come full circle.

He’d always wanted to be a teacher but was sidetracked by an offer to play trumpet in Las Vegas while pursuing his degree in music education. For about eight years, he traveled the country as a professional musician until he realized his career wasn’t suited to the traditional securities he craved.

Hairstylists attending his concerts often suggested he’d be great at doing what they did. He had his reservations, but eventually saw cosmetology as an opportunity to still have a creative outlet and enrolled in beauty school. Prinzi opened his first salon in Feasterville in 1980.

Twenty years ago, he stopped cutting and styling hair to focus on leadership, driven by the same impulse that motivated him to want to teach and play music.

“If I can affect somebody’s emotions positively, then that’s a wonderful thing. That’s what we do here,” said Prinzi, who believes that serving others is a privilege. “If a client feels (the staff) is sincere about respect and love and passion, that feels really good, and maybe the client feels they’re getting more than a service but a little bit of a life experience.”